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Easy integration with every project.
Use git and our dev tools to save
hours of development and testing.

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Emails are the most important way to communicate with users. HTML emails are hard to edit and test. Small changes often require a lot of development effort and communication accross entire team. EmailWizard is a tool designed to simplify this process and make it much less painful.

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Created for developers

Emailwizard comes with git integration, test tools to preview emails and http api.

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Powerful template language

Powerfull liquid templates with snippets and layouts will help develop complex templates.

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Git-based source control

Emailwizard is using Git to store your template data.




  • 1 git user
  • 3000 api calls per month
  • Unlimited test api calls
  • 1 from email address
  • Tech support
  • $10 for extra 7000 api calls
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  • Unlimited git users
  • Unlimited api calls
  • 2 from domains
  • Tech support
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  • Hosted on your data center
  • LDAP integration
  • Unlimited access to features